Tourist Destination in the Making…

Is Cap Haitien a tourist destination in the making?  The progress is slow, but I think it is going to happen!

I have not taken a ride on my motorcycle for a few months now.  When the front and back brakes don’t work, the front tire is flat, the gas cap is taped down with red duct tape, and the engine needs serviced… you tend to not get out often.  😉  But I finally got up and running and yesterday I went out for a little ride through town.  It was so nice!  The cool breeze coming off the water, relatively empty Sunday streets, women pushing their babies in baby carriages along the boulevard, impromptu DJs spinning beats on the street corner, couples holding hands on the ocean front, the smell of street food and rum in the air, and children playing soccer on the side streets.

It is moments like these that I just cruse through town in second gear so I can get the feel of life.  I can take in the atmosphere and take a few mental photos.  I decided to ride up onto the mountain just a bit and stopped to talk to a few people and take a few shots.  Here are the results of those stops.  Photos taken with my iPhone 4 and edited using Instagram.

IMG_0704 IMG_0705 IMG_0706

I hope that someday more people will be able to experience Haiti in the same way I do.  If you are ready for adventure and are willing to get a little dirty in the process, this place is full of excitement.  The history and culture make Cap Haitien a beautiful stop in your life’s journey.  This is Haiti… experience it!  #haitiexperienceit


The Minimalist And Her Toy Camera

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The list of photos below are from the eye of my 7 year old daughter Dalencia.  I got her a little Fisher Price camera last year for Christmas.  She has loved taking pictures with it since.  Today, I plugged the … Continue reading